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New Caledonia, Aug 13th – Oct 24th

Kayaking in the largest lagoon in the world inside the second longest barrier reef in the world, and out to the Loyalty Islands. Photographing humpback whales, dugong and other marine life as well as the indigenous Kanak people. Also hiking on the main island and photographing many endemic species of plants and animals.

New Zealand, Aug 24th – Dec 12th

Kayaking and hiking on the North and South island. I will be photographing whales, dolphins and fur seals etc. as well as the fantastic landscapes.

Sri Lanka, January – June 2016

Diving with and photographing blue whales and sperm whales, and also elephants and other wild animals.


I Returned to Palawan for more whale shark photography along with the added bonus of some great manta and devil ray encounters. Also more work with the Centre for Sustainability on their Saving the Almaciga Tree project with the indigenous Bataks in Cleopatra’s Needle Critical Habitat. In October I went to Kalimantan to work with the Borneo Nature Foundation in the Sabangau Forest (peat-swamp) for two months.