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Sri Lanka

My engagement with the beautiful island of Sri lanka goes back decades, and my ongoing connection has a lot to do with a special friend who I first met there in 1993 when I was conducting an investigation for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society into dolphin harpooning by fishermen in the south. I met […]

I have been visiting Sri Lanka for many years dating back to my first visit in 1983 after failing to get there in 1973 because the ferry service was suspended for bad weather. Sri Lanka is a marvellous mixture of cultural and natural spectacles. I was fortunate enough to get serendipitously involved with a wealthy […]

I finally got to have a guided walk in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve on my last day in Deniyaya. I’m used to doing this on my own, but guides are compulsory and I enjoyed the company of a French and Dutch couple who were also staying at the Deniyaya National Motel backpacker’s hostel. Up until […]