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Whale sharks in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa

It’s another deskbound rainy day here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. As I mentioned in a recent post I would usually be going on the whale shark trips to Honda Bay at this time of year, but I have moved on from that way of doing it now to do it differently, and there are also […]

I would normally be photographing the whale sharks in Honda Bay, Palawan at this time of the year, but after ten years that particular episode of my life, or that way of doing things on an increasingly crowded tour boat has come to an end……I’m glad to say. I’m not sure when I will be […]

A whale shark was butchered alive by Chinese poachers who sawed slices off the living whale, beginning at the tail, leaving the shark to experience incredible agony before finally taking its last breath. Demand that the perpetrators be severely punished. Source: Whale Shark Butchered Alive by Chinese Poachers Deserves Justice | ForceChange

I had a fixation with humpback whales for so many years, especially their spectacular bubble net feeding. They provided endless exhilaration, and as a photographer, endless permutations of shapes, lighting, water effects, combined land and seascape backgrounds, serenity and dynamism. The whale sharks seem to have become my underwater fixation because they also provide endless […]

Although sleep was elusive during my first few days back in Palawan, it was nice to just close my eyes and bathe in the ambience of colourful sounds suffusing the little detached community of houses where I live amongst the trees at the end of the main road to the city centre of Puerto Princesa, […]