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After my amazing hike in the Te Urewera National Park through a forest with such amazing trees from giants to dwarfs, I was eager for more forest so I decided to head to the famous Whirinake Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park, which lies on the eastern boundary of Te Urewera. The Whirinake forest is one of […]

After such a brilliant week hiking high in the rocky Ruahane Range my next objective was to immerse myself in the lush rainforest somewhere. I decided to go to the Te Urewera National Park and Lake Waikeramoana, which I could get to by bus and then hitch-hiking on the gravel road, which keeps the visitor […]

When I went to New Zealand after my trip to New Caledonia in late 2015 I went to stay with a very nice hospitable couple in Hawke’s Bay that I had met in England decades ago. I didn’t really know them that well, but after connecting on Facebook Clayton invited me to visit them when […]