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Archive for May, 2018

I was really looking forward to starting my volunteer work as a photographer with the Borneo Nature Foundation http://www.borneonaturefoundation.org/en/ in the Sabangau Forest in Central Kalimantan in late 2017. I will be describing all aspects of the largest unfragmented area of lowland forest left in Borneo, and the vital conservation work of the BNF in more detail […]

I finally got to have a guided walk in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve on my last day in Deniyaya. I’m used to doing this on my own, but guides are compulsory and I enjoyed the company of a French and Dutch couple who were also staying at the Deniyaya National Motel backpacker’s hostel. Up until […]

I’ve never been a big fan of telephones, especially when they interrupt you when you’re really busy doing something important. Us telephonaphobes have to accept that it might be something important or even urgent, but nothing riles me more than cold calls, which are quite often coming from a call centre on the other side […]

Shortly after volunteering my services as a photographer to the Centre for Sustainability in Palawan in 2016 I had my first exciting assignment: to document the Almaciga cone collecting expedition from the Batak village Sitio Kalakwasan for one of its flagship projects; the Saving the Almaciga Tree Project, which is linked to its other flagship project […]

After my amazing hike in the Te Urewera National Park through a forest with such amazing trees from giants to dwarfs, I was eager for more forest so I decided to head to the famous Whirinake Te Pua-a-Tane Conservation Park, which lies on the eastern boundary of Te Urewera. The Whirinake forest is one of […]

After such a brilliant week hiking high in the rocky Ruahane Range my next objective was to immerse myself in the lush rainforest somewhere. I decided to go to the Te Urewera National Park and Lake Waikeramoana, which I could get to by bus and then hitch-hiking on the gravel road, which keeps the visitor […]

When I went to New Zealand after my trip to New Caledonia in late 2015 I went to stay with a very nice hospitable couple in Hawke’s Bay that I had met in England decades ago. I didn’t really know them that well, but after connecting on Facebook Clayton invited me to visit them when […]

One of the highlights of my time in New Zealand in 2015 was visiting the gannet colony at Cape Kidnappers very near where I was staying with friends in Hawke’s Bay. Gannets have always been one of my favourite birds; when I was a boy I was in the Gannet Patrol in the sea scouts […]

I would normally be photographing the whale sharks in Honda Bay, Palawan at this time of the year, but after ten years that particular episode of my life, or that way of doing things on an increasingly crowded tour boat has come to an end……I’m glad to say. I’m not sure when I will be […]

One of the most exciting discoveries for me when I was working with the Borneo Nature Foundation in the Sabangau Forest (peat-swamp) last year was some rather unusual behaviour involving two different species of assassin bugs that have always interested me around the world. In both instances I was accompanied by Hendri, a Dayak member […]

A Courting Ray Ballet Beneath me in the murky darkness of a blizzard of tropical krill I could see a formation of many dark winged silhouettes like bats flying out of hell, and indeed they were devils, but by name only – a large shoal of spinetail devil rays coming to join the feast just […]