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On my way to New Caledonia …..at last

Hallelujah!!!! I’ve just broken through the final hurdle at Manila Airport; checking in my oversized and overweight bags containing my kayak, paddle, drybags, hammock and all my camping and kayaking paraphernalia, plus my large heavy underwater housing and snorkelling gear, without having to pay any excess baggage. This is when I can really start looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead instead of just being bogged down in the epic planning, preparation and packing over the last few months. There were times when I just didn’t have the time or the energy to get excited about my ambitious plans because I felt so overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. I haven’t undertaken such a challenging independent solo overseas kayaking trip since Madagascar and Baja, Mexico, over ten years ago. I can remember the struggle to get there, but can never forget the amazing rewards at the end of the rainbow. My flight to New Zealand via Singapore and Melbourne departs in 45 mins. and then on to the amazing island of New Caledonia with the world’s largest natural lagoon and second longest barrier reef, the highest percentage of endemic species of plants in the world, the world’s largest species of gecko, third highest population of dugong, the fascinating indigenous Kanak people so protective of their traditional way of life and customs….and the icing on the cake…breeding, singing humpback whales!! It will be the first time that I’m going to see humpback whales since I was exiled from Alaska over ten years ago, and my first opportunity to enter their submarine world after spending twenty years kayaking with them on the surface; am I psyched or what!!! Have to dash…don’t want to miss my flight!!

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