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Archive for August, 2015

I’ve already spent longer in Noumea than I had originally planned because as usual nothing ever goes to plan when you are travelling, especially to a new country with ambitious plans for kayaking. I didn’t really have a lot of time to do very much research about New Caledonia and Noumea before I arrived, but […]

I’m now in Noumea in New Caledonia on the verge of organising all of my gear and supplies to load into my kayak tomorrow, and paddle to my first destination, the beautiful Ile de Pins (Isle of Pines). As usual I have a great sense of anticipation, but tempered with a well seasoned measure of […]

A whale shark was butchered alive by Chinese poachers who sawed slices off the living whale, beginning at the tail, leaving the shark to experience incredible agony before finally taking its last breath. Demand that the perpetrators be severely punished. Source: Whale Shark Butchered Alive by Chinese Poachers Deserves Justice | ForceChange

The YIN and YANG of AIRPORTS I’m now at the salubrious airport in Singapore, and not minding at all that I have to wait 5 hours until my next flight to Melbourne, using the fast free wifi and availing of all the great facilities here. I could easily spend a week here just hanging out. […]

THE BIG ADVENTURE STARTS HERE Hallelujah!!!! I’ve just broken through the final hurdle at Manila Airport; checking in my oversized and overweight bags containing my kayak, paddle, drybags, hammock and all my camping and kayaking paraphernalia, plus my large heavy underwater housing and snorkelling gear, without having to pay any excess baggage. This is when […]

My next trip out on Toto’s dolphin watching boat on July 29th was even better than the last one. On this occasion the dolphins seemed to be harnessed to the boat and pulling it along like Neptune’s chariot because they didn’t stop bow-riding in numbers for most of the time that we were with them. […]